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WRG Contact: K Brodlie
Funding Body: DTI
This collaborative project is developing an environment for Visual Analytics, combining visual and statistical processing, with special emphasis on highly demanding large dataset problems.

Fig 1: Using ADVISE to visualize results from a numerical simulation of elastohydrodynamic lubrication (data courtesy of Dr Christopher Goodyer)
Fig 2: ADVISE visualization of data from magma flow simulations (data courtesy of Dr Julian Lowman)
Fig 3: ADVISE visualization of MRI data, showing an aneurism (data courtesy of Dr Andy Bulpitt)
WRG Contact: J Austin
Funding Body: EPSRC
This large-scale collaborative project is developing a virtual laboratory for neurophysiology, enabling sharing and collaborative exploration and collaborative exploitation of data, analysis of code, and expertise for geographically dispersed researchers. This project draws on research experience from the unviersities of York and Newcastle to build a series of user-focused tools, backed by a distributed database infrastructure, with compute resources to support the analysis. Ground-breaking aspects include the ability to quickly host user code in a software-as-a-service environment to promote sharing of analysis techniques between neurophysiologists.
WRG Contact: J Xu
Funding Body: EPSRC
In its first phase this project has developed a grid middleware system with a focus on fault-tolerance, dependability assessment, and novel security features. The follow-on project investigates virtualization and cloud computing issues.

WRG Contact: J Austin
Funding Bodies: EPSRC, TSB, and DfT
This project aims to fundamentally change how transport data is used by using it to generate transport intelligence by using data analysis and modelling tools working on historic and real-time traffic data to provide intelligent decision support. This will faciliate dynamic transport planning, and ultimately additional information flow to end users of traffic infrastructure and beneficial effects such as reduction of traffic network congestion. The project includes a number of partners from the university, government, and commercial sectors. At the University of York, resources are dedicated to data capture from City of York Council, Kent County Council, and other sources, and data analysis tools working on these feeds.
Overview of FREEFLOW decision support system

Fig 1: Overview of FREEFLOW decision support system
WRG Contact:
M Birkin
, J Xu
Funding Body: ESRC
This multidisciplinary project applies ‘generative social science’ to the simulation of cities and regions.
WRG Contact:
P Ainsworth
Funding Body: The Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme
Kiosque is developing a form of viewing software to allow museum visitors to explore flexibly and interactively a set of surrogate manuscripts forming part of a public exhibition.

Comparing the frontispiece from 4 different manuscripts that are located at 3 different physical locations (magnification is only 16%). Images © Bibliothèque Royale Albert 1er, Brussels (top left and bottom right images), Stonyhurst College, Lancashire (top right), Bibliothèque Municipale de Besançon (bottom left) and Scriptura Ltd
Virtual Vellum 1Virtual Vellum 2
WRG Contact: J Schmidt
Funding Body: JISC & EPSRC
The White Rose Grid at Leeds hosts one of the four core nodes of the National Grid Service, which offers a production quality grid service for use by UK academia.
WRG Contact: J Austin
Funding Body: Cybula Ltd
This is spin off technology from DAME for rapid search by content and browsing distributed time-series data over the grid (used in CARMEN; commercialised by Cybula Ltd).