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The York node includes two Beowulf type clusters, one named nevada (24 machine cluster; each providing two 2.4GHz dual core Opteron processors and 8 GB memory) in total offering 96 processor cores, 192 GB memory and 4.8 TB local scratch space; and the other named fimbrata which comprises 3 large memory nodes, each consisting of four 2.4 GHz dual core processors (8 cores per machine) and 32GB memory, in total delivering 24 processor cores configured with 96GB memory and 200GB fast local scratch space.

All nodes are connected into a 10GB/s infinipath network for fast file access. In addition the cluster nodes are able to use this network for very low latency <2µs MPI applications. 9TB of storage is provided for users on SATA drive arrays which are backed up daily and a 1 TB networked scratch space on f/c arrays.