Content Marketing – Examples

The concept of content marketing still seems ambiguous to many marketing professionals. The important thing to remember is, content marketing markets existing products, not create demands for new. The strategy is also tailored to the expectations, needs and feedback of the target audience. To illustrate the point more clearly, we’ve listed below several examples of content marketing.

Podcast and webcasts

Podcasts are more than just about two people arguing about politics or movies. Many marketers have taken advantage of the personal nature of podcasts to deliver highly researched content in an informal setting. Podcasts are also very convenient since they can be listened to on the go, downloaded for later listening, or even played in conference rooms or seminars during breaks.

Microphone Pop Filter Music Podcast Sound Studio

A podcast is a great form of content marketing. Image courtesy of Max Pixel

Webcasts, meanwhile, require more planning, but they create an even stronger connection with viewers. You no longer have to rely on clunky software to stream your webcast – YouTube offers the option now, for free. Instead of driving to companies to touch base and hand over new sales brochures, you can literally organise short interactive sessions with a couple of dozen prospects several times a day from the comfort of your office.


Infographics are probably the earliest form of content marketing. You can compile a bunch of interesting statistics together which people will enjoy reading. The concise and colourful format is perfect for busy executives. Unbeknownst to them, however, all the statistics revolve around one core statistic which you want to highlight. After that, reach out to (or hire) a few social media influencers and bloggers, and watch your infographic go viral. Just remember to include your company’s details in every infographic.

• Web content

Why do companies spend a lot of resources creating How-to Guides, case studies or DIY tips only to give them out for free? Because people want to learn and know. Since these guides are free, there is no cost barrier. What do companies get from this? Trust from their target audience, enhanced brand awareness, and in some cases, a good mailing list. This is just one basic example of web content.

So, are you suddenly bursting with ideas now? If so, you should get started to see results that much sooner!