Content Marketing – Mistakes

Content marketing is the antithesis of traditional marketing. The concept is not focused on selling. Instead, content marketing is a tool to allowed businesses to develop a relationship with a target audience by giving them information about products, services and marketplaces – information which they want and need.

Many companies are joining in the rush, but the majority of them are still making the same common mistakes which will hinder their progress.

Memes are great at engagement, provided you have the right audience. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

• No editorial planning

Content marketing is a long-term initiative. As such, companies are expected to produce engaging content continuously at regular intervals. In the absence of editorial planning or an editorial calendar, content production will become irregular. Worse, they will not have an overarching theme. Ad hoc content production delivered on tight deadlines will likely be of low quality. As a result, engagement will go down, and company management will see the entire project as a waste of resources.

• Failure to diversify

Content marketing is not limited to blog posts or articles. They can include videos, podcasts, infographics, social media posts and much more. By ignoring other marketing platforms, companies are limiting their reach and growth potential. In addition, companies will miss opportunities for cross-platform promotions, which can feed off each other and expand the reach of a single theme.

• Not identifying the target audience

It is the height of incompetence to develop a content marketing plan without first identifying the target audience. It goes without saying that developing content for young millennials living in London is completely different from creating content for families living in Yorkshire. So just imagine the resources wasted developing hip social media content if your primary business is landscaping and building garden fences.

To put it in simple terms, if you don’t know who your buyers are, how can you reach them? It is advised to hire an SEO agency to help minimise mistakes early on.