Content Marketing – Tips

Whether your website is an e-commerce portal or a corporate website, content marketing is an excellent method to enhance brand awareness and funnel new audiences to your website. However, content marketing is not a one-off strategy – it is a continuous approach to market your product or service. To make your planning and strategizing a little bit easier, we’ve compiled below five tips that could give your next meeting more focused.

1. Create an editorial calendar

Instead of reacting to trends and following the lead of others, take the initiative and prepare content ahead of time. A great way to do this is by creating an editorial calendar. Among the items you can include in the calendar are:

• Product launch – a good way to prepare before and after content which blends seamlessly with the launch

• Seasonal holidays – Holidays such as Christmas, Halloween and even May Day is a great way to develop thematic contents

• Pop culture events – A new Marvel movie, Wimbledon final and a royal baby are all extremely popular cultural events. Take advantage of these events by developing content linked to them, and generate bonus content velocity.

Marvel films offer so many tie-in opportunities for content marketing. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

2. Reinvent your company

If you’re going to launch a new content marketing initiative, take advantage of that by reinventing your company. Change your logo, update your stationary, update your website and social media accounts – give every offline and web properties a fresh, new look.

Corporations spend tens of millions of pounds trying to freshen their look – why should you, at a fraction of the cost?

3. Develop the loyalty of your new audience

Businesses love repeat customers; they bring in additional revenue without new marketing costs. So take advantage of the influx of new customers from your content marketing program by winning their loyalty. There are several ways you can go about this

• A loyalty program with exclusive benefits for new customers

• An opt-in mailing list with periodical newsletters that focuses on entertainment and enrichment

• Develop a culture of service excellence. People will be loyal to businesses that treat them well

4. Hire a SEO company to help you get started

If you are looking to get started ASAP but you’re not sure how, you should look to hire SEO companies who can help you get started.